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~ "In seed time learn, in harvest teach, in winter enjoy." - William Blake ~

~ "One kind word can warm three winter months." - Japanese Proverb ~

The ground is frozen.  The leaves are gone and the energy of the plants has gone underground.  Winter is the time for our own energy to go down as well; it is a quiet time for replenishment, resting and reflection.  You may find yourself more tired in winter than in other times of the year. This is perfectly natural and in keeping with the seasons.  This truly is the time to slow down and nestle in, get plenty of rest and relaxation and sleep.  This is the time to build your energy, stamina, and reserves to fuel the new beginnings that springtime will naturally bring.


Winter is the season in which the Water element is most dominant.  Water is the essential medium of your body, through which all things pass.  This season is also connected to our ability to contain not only the essential fluid, but also the ability to hold our reserves of energy, stamina, and the deep wisdom that can be found through the stillness of this introspective season. 


This is a good time to address the back and joint pain, which may prevent you from engaging in your favorite winter weather activities.  It is also a good time to treat the winter blues that many people experience, as well as follow through on those New Year’s resolutions to attend to your health.  Don’t worry though, spring is just around the corner – so now is also the time to get a jump on those springtime allergies that have plagued you for years.

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