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"Autumn....the year's last, loveliest smile."  William Cullent Bryant

Autumn is upon us.  Some leaves are just beginning to turn; some have already fallen.  This is the season in Chinese Medicine particularly associated with inspiration and awe.  The air is turning cool and brisk and there is an undeniably crisp quality to the blue of the sky.  Evening sunsets at this time of year can be particularly breath-taking.  The trees astound us with their coats of many colors.  We see the beautiful tapestry of nature all around us.  And it is also the season in Chinese Medicine associated with grief, loss and letting go.  We are reminded of this as the trees let go of their leaves, returning to the earth, and many birds let go of their summer homes.

The organs associated with the autumn season are the lungs and the large intestine.  The lungs allow for the breath of life.  They "inspire" us at every moment, providing rythym to our days, allowing us to breathe through the moments of our life, both joyful and painful.  The large intestine allows us to extract what is precious in our lives and to let go of what does not serve on a physical as well as mental and spiritual level.  

As we move through this season, it is a particularly good time to be aware of your breath, to be aware of what inspires and moves you, to be aware of what is precious in your life.  It is also a time to practice letting go, to free up clutter you may have been accumulating through the year(s).  This could mean cleaning out a closet, doing a simple dietary cleanse or taking on practices to let go of old hurts -- anger, jealousy or pain -- that may be keeping you in unhealthy emotional patterns. It is also a time to reflect upon your own preciousness and practice letting go of any stories or patterns that hinder your awareness of your own self worth.  

As we head into this season, it is a good time to think about getting extra support for your immune system, particularly your lungs.  If you have asthma, chronic colds, bronchitis or are prone to becoming ill in the winter, this is the time to begin acupuncture treatment to reinforce your body's inherent healing wiswom.  Given that the digestive tract is also considered to be the heart of our immune system, it is a perfect time to focus on addressing issues such as GERD, IBS, Chron's, Colitis, etc., which can weaken your digestive tract and your ability to fight off illness in the winter and beyond.

So make this the season that you begin to let go of those health issues that have been concerning you. You will be inspired by what you experience.  Call today for your free consultation or to set up an appointment to get started.  



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